Property management

We look after Your property. We provide and do everything beginning with administration and accounting duties, across choosing of suitable tenant mix for Your premises including completion of tenancy contracts, ending with reporting and controlling to Your satisfaction and Your control over everything. 
We manage, document, invoice, control, communicate and solve everything for You. 
Managing of company documents
  • Signing and completion of contracts in multilingual versions
  • Indexation of rents, control of payment discipline, agenda of reminders and invoicing of interests on late payments
  • Supervision of compliance with Tenancy contracts conditions
  • Practical Legal advisory
  • Mediation of advertising boards for rent, agenda of rental contracts
Invoicing, accounting
  • Issuing of invoices and accounting documents for tenants and documents for the landlord
  • Archivation of documents and their evidence
  • Regular reconcilliation of service charges and energy consumption
Reporting and controlling
  • Regular reporting about property economy  (czech, english, german, russian)
  • Setting of annual budget, monitoring of cash-flow
  • Cost managent
Tenant mix
  • Searching for new tenants
  • Setting of optimal tennat mix
  • Shortperiod use of vacant units (exhibitions, decorations, animations)
  • Communication with business parners on the account of property owner
  • Communication with tenants and their coordination with mutual goal of economical growth
  • Representing of companies when communicating with statutory bodies
  • Communication with medias within marketing support
Advertising and marketing
  • Organization and complex production providing of marketing events 
  • Advertising promotion, design and production of advertising presentation materials
  • Medial support by organizations, providing of high-quality sponzoring
  • Providing of radio and TV spots production and their broadcasting
  • Internet advertising, company profiles on social medias

We manage company documents. We contract new tenants; complete the contracts and translate them into multilingual versions – mainly English, German and Russian. We provide certified copy of contracts. We solve everything on behalf of a lessor and hand over complete documents after.

We supervise all tenants´ duties resulting from lease contracts and contracted conditions followed by both contract parties. We index rents and other fees (it means increase of rent and other costs due to an actual inflation rate and CPI). We check payments received on the lessor´s bank account. We administrate applications for payment and invoice late charges. Therefore, we provide a fluent and regular lessor´s income according to signed lease contracts. We guarantee for perfect operation of a shopping centre and a perfect communication between tenants and a lessor.

Based on long-time experience, we are able to advice tenants and lessors what to avoid when signing new contracts and we arrange negotiating new contracts assuming a satisfaction of both parties.

We arrange advertising places and banners to rent and provide complex services regarding realisation (designing, printing, etc.) and installation of banners or boards at shopping centres.

We provide invoicing and accounting of energy consumptions, rents and other fees relating to a lease in shopping centres. We provide precise reporting for lessors and property owners on invoicing and an amount of costs. We prepare regular reports in multilingual versions, mainly in English, German and Russian. We establish an evidence of all documents in a demanded output. We archive all documents professionally and keep an absolute discretion.

We create an annual budget and an overview of shopping centres´ economy. We supervise cash flows yearly and comply with a balance between incomes and expenditures every year. We solve all inclinations and exceptionalities with a lessor and find reasons of their existence and solutions of founded causes.

We manage costs and optimize them in order to keep an acceptable balance for a tenant. We solve total amounts of shopping centres´ costs operatively and adequately towards their demands. Our attitude to costs is economic.

We deal with a proper tenant mix for shopping centres. Based on long-time experience in property management, we have gained many large commercial chains ´contacts, which we use when searching for tenants for vacant units. We are a responsible partner for negotiating with potential tenants. We provide the whole processing of searching for new tenants. Therefore, the lessor receives a signed contract including demands of both parties – the lessor´s and tenant´s. The choosing of proper tenants is not based only on high quality contacts abut also on an ability to identify needs of the particular shopping centre and competition´s conditions in it. And so, we guarantee a properly chosen tenant mix of high quality and a carefree operation of the centre.

We manage short-term tenancy for your passages (seasonal, thematic, annual, etc. events). We use your spaces in a shopping centre effectively for organising exhibitions, marketing events, concerts, fashion shows, fashion shows, beauty competitions, degustations, gastronomical shows, etc. We provide all the services connected according to a set budget. You define finances, we allocate them in the most effective way.

We deal with decorations, animations and optimization of design and emplacement of advertising posters, boards and sheets in interiors and exteriors.

We enjoy communication and we communicate effectively. We represent lessor in all the topics that are entrusted to us on the basis of the letter of attorney. Our effective communication with tenants leads to a carefree relationship between them and a lessor. We are able to represent you when communicating with municipalities – you do not have to go there, we go instead of you. 

We have quality media contacts. We provide an effective medial promotion – TV, radio, internet. We manage everything from a production to broadcasting at a set time on your chosen stations and channels. We create a campaign according to your wishes. We manage and complete a complex package of promotional materials – fliers, posters including their distribution. We look after your profiles on social network, we manage a presentation of your company on the internet.