Cost management

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Service costs´ audit
  • Checking of the correctness of invoiced items according to a lease contract and law regulations
  • Reclaiming of service costs ´invoices and dealing about their content in future
  • Enforcing of incorrectly invoiced items in the service costs´ accounting
Optimizing of operation
  • Manipulation of technical facilities in a property and an optimizing of their settings
  • Evaluation of an actual state of technical facilities in a property considering potential savings
  • Replacing of cost-consuming facilities and installation of new facilities with provision for savings
Savings of energy consumption
  • Energetic auditing
  • Implementation of savings based on recommendations from the energetic audit
  • Tendering of suppliers
Cooperation with developers
  • Evaluation of a construction project before its execution considering optimizing of operations and savings of service costs
  • Designing of optimal technical equipment in properties before its final execution
Taxes and accounting
  • Accounting audit
  • Issuing and controlling of statements of taxable income
  • Applying of tax sales and advantages

Everyone wants to save money at maximum. We save you money on the items, that could seem unreal to do so.

We revise service costs, optimize operations, save energy consumptions, find tax savings or consult low-cost constructive solution for planned constructions with developers.

You give us invoicing of service costs of your tenancy units, we check it on the basis of the Lease contract and its correctness.

We communicate with lessors, check all the documents related to the invoicing for a certain period. In the case of discrepancies from a Lease agreement, we reclaim the invoicing, demand returning of the reclaimed amount on your bank account. We provide a carefree process of control of your business relations with lessors and we save you the money.

On the basis of gained information from the analysis, we recommend what to avoid, what to support, or we prepare an Annex to the Lease agreement, which completes the unclear details in the agreement.

There are many technical facilities in a property, which can consume too much energy. We adjust all the facilities to operate economically and according to legislature and tenants´ demands. We replace high-cost-demanding facilities by lower-cost ones and guarantee savings. We save you money by choosing and installation of proper types of lights, which will be designed bespoke to your unit.

We provide an energetic auditing – so we analyse energy use in the area and evaluate possibilities of savings. We tender energy suppliers and guarantee the cheapest distribution of energy to your premises.

We evaluate function and economic aspects of the projects at the time construction of the business premises. We suggest possibilities of savings and their technical solution in practice. Developers of business centres are our important partners.

We check not only accounting, but also taxes. We make new declare of taxes, demand tax discounts. We archive and organize accounting.