Facillity management

We provide complex solution for technical building equipment. We provide services, revisions and controlling.
We deal with claims, guaranties and disorders.We register and create technical documentation. Cut the grass, revise electroinstallation, clean the snow will not be a problem anymore. 
Property passport
  • Passport of property, management of technical documentation
  • Regular technical reports for property owner (czech, english, german, russian)
Revisions, services
  • Setting of maintenance plan for technical equipment in the building
  • Providing of professional revisions and controls prescribed by law
  • technical maintenance of property equipment and proper servicing
  • Regular cleaning of indoor and outdoor premises
  • Maintenance of greenery, snow cleaning 
  • Waste management
  • Security, managing of electronic fire-fighting system
Outsourcing of suppliers
  • Cooperation with proved and responsible companies
  • Regular tendering of suppliers
Claims, warranties, disorders
  • Solving of claims, warranties and insurance incidents
  • Supervision, control and remedies
  • Immediate emergency support

We provide a complex facility management for properties. We keep, archive and complete technical documentation of properties. We provide a complex passport of properties – a lessor has all the documentation available effortlessly and with no worry. Further, we make regular technical reports in multilingual versions (Czech, English, German or Russian).

Individually for each property, we set up a maintenance plan. We adapt this plan to an actual state and shopping centre´s demands.

We look after and control revisions in a building. We order them on time and provide controls based on a law. We not only revise technical equipment of the building but we obtain services as well. We check the timeliness of revisions and services and forgo the breakdowns or damages. We are holders of certifications and of electro and gas revisions expertize.

We provide security and its daily service. We operate electronic security system and electronic fire-fighting system. We provide revisions, services and controls of them.

We provide inside and outside cleaning. We clean snow, take care of greenery, cut trees and bushes. We provide waste disposal, cleaning of grass and supply areas. We clean roofs, facades, canalization, sewage water etc.

We cooperate with responsible companies. Our suppliers are long-time partners with a long and good reputation. These are authorised companies. But, we tender companies regularly due to sustain quality and low prices.

In case of an occurred problem, we operate very flexibly with a fast, accurate and correct solution. We solve damages and defects. We deal with breakdowns and reclaims. We solve insurance accidents. We represent the owner on the basis of the letter of attorney. We are characterized by efficiency, timeliness, operativity and an ability to choose a proper solution for a certain situation. We are precise, because we work with the best suppliers at the highest responsibility. Therefore, breakdowns, damages and defects can be seen as banal worries of lessors.