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Property and Facilitymanagement

Who we are and what we do
We operate in
the Czech Republic,
and Poland

We are a family company

We have operated in the Czech Republic and Slovakia since 2006 and in Poland since 2017. We deal with complete mangement and operation of properties including their construction works.

We provide property and facility management

We manage commercial properties such as deparment stores, shopping centres, retail parks, rental units of chain stores, industrial and logistic areas, office buildings, as well as smaller private properties like guesthouses, appartment buildings or family houses. 

We are more than property managers

We provide complex services of facility and property management, including revisions, services, maintenance, repairs, designs and realization of economical projects, administration, tax and accounting services, marketing, production and advertising events. We do construction work of a small scale as well as large construction actions, including engineering and supervising. 

We are business partners for developers

landlords, tenants and final users. We excel in direct communication, which is tha base for long and succesful cooperation. We can deal with things fast, immediately and effectively. 

We work profesionally

operatively and flexibly and for acceptable price. We aprreciate our clients. We enjoy when the work is done responsibly, well and with high quality.