Company policy - for IMS (Integrated management system):

1) The main activity of the company is management and operation of properties for commercial and private purposes on the highest possible quality level.

  • every employee or external supplier is responsible for quality of his work
  • it means: do his work with the best consciousness and conscience that it is the maximum what can be done there
  • the evaluation of the quality can be checked by the customer, by his satisfaction and the reality that he comes back with a new order

2) Keeping quality of services at the maximum level, with reasonable costs assuming use of synergy and effectivity.

  • every employee or external supplier is responsible for an effectivity of his actions

3) Gaining of new orders and enlargement of portfolio in the Czech rep., Slovakia and Poland.

4) Enlargement of service portfolio by advisory activity for developers and constructors of retail parks - saving systems and constructions of buildings and properties with minimum financial burden on service costs.

5) Highlighting of Rofox as a brand in the area of property management on the czech, slovakian and polish market, as a reliable partner for large, multinational, but also local regional companies with a guarantee of guality services, appropriate prices and reliable dealing.

6) Within its activities, the company is committed to constant improving and to prevention of environmental pollution, to take care of the environment and keep the activities in harmony with legal and legislative demands.

7) The company value its employees and has a developed motivation program.

8) Each senior employee is obliged to prevent his activities from accidents and health damages and to continuously identify possible risks. The company is a good employer in the region. All employees of the company are aware of importance to fullfill legal and legislative demands within OSH (Occupational safety and health).

Ing. Ondřej Liška - Executive Director, PhDr. Romana Lišková - Administrative Director